I will never forget arriving by boat in Lunga, in the Treshnish Isles of Scotland a few years back. Hundreds of puffin covered the island and were within an arms reach of visitors. It was unbelievable to photograph what so… […]

I was thrilled to photograph this wonderful woman in my studio yesterday. Three different cosplays, all extremely different from this one, are coming soon.

I had some computer glitches the last few days. All is well now posting a few to make up for lost time. “Black and Blue” Patagonia, 2016.

I try to make sure that my photos show my subject’s eyes, especially at the conventions that I photograph at. Characters usually spend a great deal of time on makeup and want to see that conveyed in their photograph (as… […]

I love the spontaneous moments that happen while traveling. This woman was dressed and placed so perfectly that it looks like it appears planned.

I was thrilled to find some Disney Princesses sprinkled among all the anime characters at Colossalcon. The background here is a Lastolite Portable background. I think it is the only truly portable part of my portable studio 🙂

This was my third visit to the Palouse, a region in Washington State and Idaho that is characterized by rolling hills, plenty of barns, and lots of farmland. Every time I go there the photos are unique. The last time… […]

I love the dark and dramatic ones but the happy ones just make you want to smile. This is Heartseeker Orianna from League of Legends. Please look up the characters if you are unfamiliar with them. Its amazing how the… […]

Just an early heads up! I will be taking photos at Wizard World Pittsburgh November 4th-6th. The convention is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. For more information about the event please check out their website at… […]

Sigh…what more can I say. He walked into Colossalcon with scissors on his hands but I was drawn to this emotive image we created instead of the straight “Edward Scizorhands” photograph.