Freddie Mercury

Golden Ticket Update: This Golden Ticket Cosplay has been selected to be included in the FotoNostrum Cosplay 50 Exhibition in Barcelona from May 23 – July 31, 2024!

The longer I work on the Cosplay 50 Project the more I notice different types of Cosplayers that come into my studio. I have to imagine it’s a bit intimidating when they walk in to see mountains of photo gear, assistants, and maybe a bit of frenetic energy. The majority of Cosplayers that I photograph are every day people with little modeling experience. Many even admit to me they have never even had a professional photo taken of them before.

This young Freddie Mercury Cosplayer was new to the Cosplay/convention world. He came into my room and nailed the character to a point that we both gasped when we saw the image preview on the back of the camera. These “newbies” never cease to amaze me. It’s like they are coming home to a world they were meant to be in. It is part of the reason that I do this project. I feel the Comic Con world/Cosplay world is inclusive, welcoming, and kind to all who enter; a great place to be in current times.

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