Mad Hatter 2

I mentioned learning from some of my photo idols at Imaging USA, a portrait photography conference in Louisville. Skip forward a week or two and I am at ATL Comic Convention 2024 in Georgia and one of my long time Cosplay idols is there judging at the Cosplay contest. AlexBurnsFX has many iconic Cosplays but his Mad Hatter is the one I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph.

It happens like a slow motion movie: I see him on the convention floor in the Mad Hatter Cosplay detailed to perfection as is his makeup. My mouth goes dry and I finally muster up the courage to go up and give him the Cosplay 50 spiel and luckily words actually make it out of my mouth 🙂 THANKFULLY he comes in for our free thirty minute photoshoot. He is perfection for a photographer in every way possible: posing, personality, Cosplay, you name it… It was a true joy to finally photograph him and I hope our paths cross again one day.

I rarely post more than one image of a Cosplay shoot. I just had to on this one. Expression was amazing in both of these but I really wanted to post a second showing all the insane details the Cosplayer put into this. We added some light on the side of the ribbons here and played a little with our leaf blower to add some motion.

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