Archives by Month: September 2023

This Midge from Barbie Cosplay came into my studio at FanX in Salt Lake City with a totally real baby bump! How cute is that? I got the pink backdrop for Barbie, so it was a great surprise that we… […]

Analog Static and Digital Static were a couple of TV heads that wandered in for some photos at FanX in Salt Lake City! They got the idea from a video game and gave it a gothic twist. I think Digital… […]

This is my first Cosplay photo post from FanX and what a post! Jelevi has been building Cosplays for four years and this “Shara Ishvalda Armor from Monster Hunter Cosplay” took her over 900 hours! She just finished it two… […]

I photographed this noble Duchess Satine Kryze at Indiana Comic Convention. I love when it all comes together in a photo: the image, her personality, the Cosplay, the background and the lighting all worked together so beautifully. We are at… […]

I photographed my first Sabretooth from X-Men at Vermont Sci-FI & Fantasy Expo this year. He was a part of an amazing Cosplay group, The Montreal X-Men, that was in attendance. Thanks so much for all of you for coming… […]

I finally made it to Out of Chicago this year! My fanatical flower photography friend Jen Turk joined me on this adventure and WOW what a time we had! Once we got there I found out that several of my… […]

Friday, September 8th, 7:30 pm Cleveland Photographic Society I am so excited to present at one of the first camera clubs I was involved in over 15 years ago!! Cleveland Photographic Society is an amazing camera club here in Northeast… […]