Archives by Day: September 30, 2023

Ok, this is just the coolest Cosplay hair ever! It was so much fun to have Hades from Hercules leave a smoking trail all the way into our studio at FanX in Salt Lake City! I don’t know how she… […]

Look at this alluring Princess Leia who came in with her Han Solo (coming soon) to FanX in Salt Lake City! It’s always great to get my Star Wars fix at every convention!

I found this Lilith from Diablo IV burning her way through FanX in Salt Lake City. The headpiece on this Cosplay is so amazingly detailed!

This Nezuko Kamado Cosplay along with Tanjiro Kamado (coming soon) from Demon Slayer took second place in the group contest at FanX in Salt Lake City. It’s hard to believe that they just started Cosplaying!