FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention 2023

FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention 2023 was the most amazing convention that we have ever been to! Wow! For being such a big convention with so many attendees it was incredible how super-organized it was. We shot a record-breaking 92 Cosplay Models! I oh-so-wish the con would have run for one more day…

Our team was great, going above-and-beyond the call of duty. Every day was over twelve hours of controlled chaos in our room. It was exhausting, but fun. Thanks so much everyone for all the hard work!

We had more groups than ever at this convention. From “Rococo Disney Princesses” to “Princess Peach and Four Toads” to classics like “Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood” to my personal favorite the “Disney Dogs” (because I am a huge dog person).

This was such a special convention. Thanks to all the friendly, talented, hard-working Cosplayers who make events like this possible. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you soon!

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