Archives by Day: October 11, 2022

Every Conventions brings about that OMG moment. For me, this is it. This “Ultimate Madoka Kaname” Cosplay is from Madoka Magica. What makes this Cosplay especially unique is that this is the fist time that the Cosplayer has ever sewed… […]

Oh my goodness! Much to my delight I stumbled across this amazing Emily Cosplay from Corpse Bride at Tsubasacon! Everyone knows how much I love attention to detail and wow did this Cosplay deliver. First, trailing behind Emily was Scraps,… […]

I love obscure Cosplays. At Tsubasacon I had the opportunity to photograph the Van Gogh Servant from The Fate/Grand Order game. Upon looking up the character, I can say that she nailed it! This was such a cute Cosplay through-and-through.… […]