We had a a great time at LVL UP EXPO this weekend. It was our first gaming convention and full of new experiences for us. Along with getting to photograph some amazing cosplayers, we saw our first fashion show at a convention and were thrilled to photograph models and designs from House of Ryura (Damion Ryura) and Angel Stellar Designs (Angel Baxla). Angel’s Southern Pony Design is shown here. We also photographed Xie Lian from a Chinese Webnovel Heaven Official’s Blessing, Wei Wuxian from the TV Series The Untamed (Wei Ying Rivet Version), Raphatalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero series and Bowsette! Thanks to travel photo friend, and Vegasian Kathy Hock for spending some time in the studio with us! And as always thanks to my wonderful crew, Sue, Rhonda, and Sean who as always come through in times of need. Yes, that is a portable Ax throwing station at a convention, who knew? (Sean, nailed it!)

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