FotoNostrum Inaugural Exhibition Opening…

What a fantastic week it has been! The gallery opened to a packed house on Monday evening. Tuesday morning we had a wonderful meeting with the artists on display and told stories of our projects, passion and what drives us to photograph. The meeting was followed by Judith Minks presentation on her beautiful book “Freckles”, please check that out at I was blown away by the variety of photography in the exhibit, every genre imagined and more was represented (including cosplay photography:) Finally, Tuesday evening we all had a wonderful dinner together. I met some amazing photographers, now also friends, some from near (Cleveland, even!) and far (Singapore!). More photos and video to come. Congrats to Wonder Woman ( IG – nightingale_vixen on Instagram and FB Nightingale Vixen Cosplay), Jack Sparrow ( IG – justsomenerd1 and FB Just Some Nerd) and Heimdall (IG – _lg_cosplay and FB Michael LeGrand), it was quite a sight to have your prints towering over me in the show. My photos will be on display through November 17th at the gallery.

Carrer de la Diputació 48
Barcelona, CAT 08015

Opening Days and Hours:
Wednesdays – Friday: 11AM – 8PM
Saturday: 11AM – 2PM
Sundays – Mondays – Tuesdays: Closed (except first Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after each exhibition inauguration)
The following six days after each exhibition inauguration, the gallery is open all days 10AM – 8PM
The final day of each exhibition the gallery is open 10AM – 8PM

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