Dracarys Cosplay (Body Paint)

This Dracarys Cosplay is the result of the combination of the amazing duo of Avi Ram (Season 2 Skin Wars) and Kaley Eckersdorff from Aerial Dragons Entertainment. Kaley was painted as half Daenerys Targaryen, half dragon, in a work titled “Dracarys”. This simply stunning combination was painted by Avi Ram, who was at the Cosmix Makeup School booth at Florida Supercon. To see more of each of please check out airbrushhero and aerialdragons on Instagram, and Airbrush Hero by Avi Ram and Aerial Dragons Entertainment on Facebook. Yes, I am officially obsessed with body paint and all the wonderful people I met in Florida!

Upcoming Conventions

Rose City Comic Con, Portland Oregon Sept. 13- 15

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Wizard World Bay Area, California November 22-24

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