Venompool Cosplay (Body Paint)

Assistant roles are evolving at conventions now….watch out Sue Wolfe and Rhonda Morris! Sean Montgomery, who has assisted me with 12 cons so far, was photographed at Florida Supercon last weekend. Avi Ram needed a model, and Sean jumped at the opportunity.  Avi painted him as “Venompool” a combination of Deadpool and venom. It took only 3 hours to paint! Sean really embraces cosplay culture and took easily to posing for photographs, both for me and for everyone who stopped him for one. It was quite entertaining later in the day when he came back to assist. Thanks so much Sean! You have always been an extreme pleasure to work with, and have helped and put up with a lot of the situations (both good and bad) that con life throws at us! It was so fun to have you in front of the camera for the first time! I don’t know if he will cosplay again but you can check Sean out on Instagram as silk_psych.

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