Emerald City Comic Con Day 3

Another busy day here.  We are loving it but also hoping to make it the show floor tomorrow for the first time in three days! Today we photographed a repeat cosplayer, Abbycat Cosplay who we photographed last year in Oregon as an Anastasia from Cinderella.  She came in today as Ms. Starlett (Bob Mackie Design/Carol Burnett) and placed first in the ECCC Western Championship of Cosplay Embroidery Division. We also photographed  Jane Porter (Stephpipercosplay) who placed Third Overall in the championship.  Very appropriate due to our location we photographed  an Original Design Emerald City from Corvidae Cosplay  and Queen Amidala (The Invasion Gown) from Telesto Cosplay who were both invited to compete in the Championship Embroidery Division as well.  Other Cosplays today included The Hound from GOT, Jack Frost, Glinda, McCree and Junkrat from Overwatch and lastly a Genderbend Cable.  Thanks to all my wonderful assistants today including my daughter Sophie who flew in for the weekend.

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