WW St. Louis Day 1 Recap

We had a great first day!  I love my Profoto B1’s and B1X’s to death but as I was running out of lights for something I wanted to do we added in a Nikon Speedlight with a green gel on the amazing Dr. Strange that came in.  It worked wonderfully to light up his disc.  (There is probably a more proper name for the disc, please correct me if you know).  This is a screenshot of a screenshot of the original image, final will be posted shortly.  We also used the same speedlight when a Green Lantern game in and forgot his ring.  Since the speedlight was so small he could easily hold it in his hand and as it faced the camera beautiful beams came out of it much like his ring although luckily no need to show the ring.  I also purchased a new backdrop from Denny Mfg., a collapsible bookcase one and I mainly purchased it in hopes of finding a Belle or Dr. Strange.  It must have been meant to be as on the first night I found both!  I can’t wait to see who we find today!

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