Never Disappointed…

This was my third visit to the Palouse, a region in Washington State and Idaho that is characterized by rolling hills, plenty of barns, and lots of farmland. Every time I go there the photos are unique. The last time I visited in June and the green rolling hills were so saturated that one would think I went overboard with some sliders in Photoshop. Big, puffy clouds with perfect separation for photos cruised through the skies.

This time the clouds were a bit less impressive. One day the whole sky clouded over and raindrops fell as the group I was with stood on Steptoe Butte, which is an incredible spot that overlooks this area. Then (this area always seems magical to me) there were some breaks in the clouds right above the horizon line and sure enough, as the sun went down a bit more, the beams became a giant spotlght choosing the lucky hills to be illuminated.

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