2014 has been a great year of photography for me. I have had a wonderful time traveling to many new countries to shoot a variety of subjects that provided laughs, heart-touching moments, and adventures. These are some of my favorite memories from this year.

Topping the “first time” list this year was aerial photography in Hawaii from a helicopter… with the doors off! The pilot was every bit as excited as me with the opportunity. Goodbye reflections!

Wildlife played a major role in my photography this year. It was a challenge that was a bit out of my comfort zone: it is pretty hard to ask a critter to move to get a better background. I searched for images that conveyed human-like emotions in animals ranging from snow monkeys to puffins.

The bears in Alaska and stories that went with the trip were unforgettable.
Many thanks to Silver Salmon Creek Lodge and American Nature Photography Workshops for hosting an amazing trip.

In Hokkaido, Japan I tried to put my own photographic interpretation on the Japanese Red Crown Cranes.

Palouse was my “revisit” trip of the year. I had a Nikon Df converted to infrared through LifePixel and used it to capture a unique perspective of that scenic destination.

Travel photography always provides surprises. Photographing a beautiful local girl during Carnival in Italy this year delivered more than all of the masked performers in Venice combined!

At the end of the day (or year), however, I am still happiest photographing people. I loved capturing the colorful culture of Peru and seized the opportunity to photograph a bond between human and animal.

I ended 2014 in Romania, which felt like a photographic home to me. The people were warm and welcoming. I loved it so much that I already have a return trip planned for 2015.

After Romania I attended an opening in Spain, where my photographs were displayed internationally for the first time. Judging at camera clubs and giving presentations on travel photography allowed me to spread some of my experience around. Locally, my photos have been on display at a variety of venues and I continue to have a long-term exhibit at Chagrin Arts in Chagrin Falls.

Being a finalist in many contests including PDN Magazine, Art Wolfe, The Compelling Image, and The Worldwide Photography Awards has provided a welcome additional bit of exposure.

The list of things that I am thankful for grows every year. Having a family that lets me travel, having a great group of friends and colleagues to travel with, and having wonderful guides and tour operators help make my photographic dreams come true.

Happy New Year!

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