First I had a Sally mashup and now I have a Battle Sally – Halloween must be right around the corner! This Battle Sally Nightmare Before Christmas was a welcome addition to the lineup at FanX in Salt Lake City.… […]

FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention 2023 was the most amazing convention that we have ever been to! Wow! For being such a big convention with so many attendees it was incredible how super-organized it was. We shot a record-breaking 92… […]

Talk about original, this Wednesday Addams as Sally The Nightmare Mashup was a hit at FanX in Salt Lake City. The concept is so cute and expertly done. Everything goes together so well!

Oh my goodness. This is just the first of many of the Rococo Princess Group, who mixed a gorgeous style with princesses! They were all so patient at FanX in Salt Lake City while I swooned over shooting them. Look… […]

This Midge from Barbie Cosplay came into my studio at FanX in Salt Lake City with a totally real baby bump! How cute is that? I got the pink backdrop for Barbie, so it was a great surprise that we… […]

Analog Static and Digital Static were a couple of TV heads that wandered in for some photos at FanX in Salt Lake City! They got the idea from a video game and gave it a gothic twist. I think Digital… […]

This is my first Cosplay photo post from FanX and what a post! Jelevi has been building Cosplays for four years and this “Shara Ishvalda Armor from Monster Hunter Cosplay” took her over 900 hours! She just finished it two… […]

I photographed this noble Duchess Satine Kryze at Indiana Comic Convention. I love when it all comes together in a photo: the image, her personality, the Cosplay, the background and the lighting all worked together so beautifully. We are at… […]

I photographed my first Sabretooth from X-Men at Vermont Sci-FI & Fantasy Expo this year. He was a part of an amazing Cosplay group, The Montreal X-Men, that was in attendance. Thanks so much for all of you for coming… […]

I finally made it to Out of Chicago this year! My fanatical flower photography friend Jen Turk joined me on this adventure and WOW what a time we had! Once we got there I found out that several of my… […]

Friday, September 8th, 7:30 pm Cleveland Photographic Society I am so excited to present at one of the first camera clubs I was involved in over 15 years ago!! Cleveland Photographic Society is an amazing camera club here in Northeast… […]

I admit I have a problem in moving vehicles – it must be my age! I fall asleep on long drives and even planes now, sitting straight up. I know there are quite a few embarrassing photos of me out… […]

Well, this never, ever happens… at least to me anyway. This photograph was taken the first morning of a workshop with Tom Bol Photo Workshops at Gates Pass in Saguaro National Park, Arizona. I started out using a wide-angle lens… […]

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with wildlife photography. One of my favorite places to photograph wildlife is the Okavango Delta in Botswana. I have also loved infrared photography for over a decade now and recently… […]

I am thrilled to announce that I have three photographs on exhibit at The 47th Annual Fairmount Art Exhibition – The Fabric of the Desert, The Hidden World of the Okavango Delta and Sinuous Beauty. One hundred forty-one pieces were… […]

Photographing hummingbirds, toucans and tanagers in the Cloud Forest in Ecuador with the bird photography experts at Tom Bol Photo Workshops, it is unbelievable!! So many great friends on this trip, old and new. Staying at Tandayapa Bird Lodge and… […]

I photographed this Stilt Spirit Original Character at Wyoming Pop Culture Con in Casper, Wyoming. Congrats goes out to this amazing Cosplayer who loves doing big builds and who finished first in the Kids Cosplay Contest. When I first saw… […]

I photographed this breathtakingly beautiful Fearne from Critical Role at Wyoming Pop Culture Con in Casper, Wyoming. I am heading to the Cloud Forest in Ecuador to photograph hummingbirds, toucans and tanagers (oh,my) until August 8th. Hoping to have wifi… […]

I photographed this hulking eight-foot tall Sauron From Lord of the Rings Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. Hundreds of hours went into this unbelievable masterpiece! I love when Cosplayers show all of the steps involved in a build like this.… […]