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This is Makeda’s second Comic convention and look at this fantastic Cosplay she created for Connecticon. This entire Cosplay is inspired by her own mind. Incredible! 2023 Convention Schedule: April 29 – 30 · Vermont Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo May… […]

Steve Rogers and Captain Carter were a delight to find at Connecticon. Everything about their Cosplays were great: the boots, the shields, and even the hair styling. Fantastic! 2023 Convention Schedule: April 29 – 30 · Vermont Sci-Fi & Fantasy… […]

It has been three long years since I have photographed a Wendy Darling Cosplay. That is three years too many! Wendy came back to me at Connecticon. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take another three years for another great experience!

I grew up with My Little Pony. What a fun surprise to find Discord from My Little Pony at Connecticon earlier this year. It takes so many different pieces and parts to make this Cosplay work, which it does!

We found this Cinderella at Connecticon earlier this year. Her “9-5” job is a private nurse. Other times, she runs a “Black Princess” party performance company called Sugar & Spice Fairytales! The ball gown is absolutely gorgeous!

This Gorou Genshin Impact came to me at ConnectiCon. The detail in the Cosplay is wonderful. Zoom in and look around at all of the small details!

Ariel… and a witch? Really?! This is amazing. I found her at ConnectiCon. I absolutely love the colors.

Redfield_ got her inspiration for tis Miss Minutes Cosplay from the Loki TV show by a photo in a catalog from 1963. It was a blast capturing her at ConnectiCon.

What a timeless classic! I got to capture this stunning Belle from Beauty and the Beast at ConnectiCon. Words are not enough to convey how incredible Belle’s dress is… it’s a good thing we have a picture.

I absolutely adored Encanto and was thrilled when this perfect Dolores walked into the studio at ConnectiCon. I asked her about Bruno, but she absolutely refused to talk about him…

Every Conventions brings about that OMG moment. For me, this is it. This “Ultimate Madoka Kaname” Cosplay is from Madoka Magica. What makes this Cosplay especially unique is that this is the fist time that the Cosplayer has ever sewed… […]

Oh my goodness! Much to my delight I stumbled across this amazing Emily Cosplay from Corpse Bride at Tsubasacon! Everyone knows how much I love attention to detail and wow did this Cosplay deliver. First, trailing behind Emily was Scraps,… […]

I love obscure Cosplays. At Tsubasacon I had the opportunity to photograph the Van Gogh Servant from The Fate/Grand Order game. Upon looking up the character, I can say that she nailed it! This was such a cute Cosplay through-and-through.… […]

From Mothman to Fluffy Moth Boi, Tsubasacon just keeps giving. While Mothman was dark, Fluffy Moth Boi light – almost completely white, in fact. I especially loved the light-up wings! Please support our project by downloading our completely free “Cosplay… […]

I got another Cosplay from Final Fantasy VII on my last day at Tsubasacon: Aerith! Every part of the photo just “worked”. I love Cosplay that is dramatic, moody, and emotional! Please support our project by downloading our completely free… […]

Oh my gosh! There is so much to say about this Magical Girl Griffon Cosplay, which is a mashup of a Magical Girl and a Griffon. This Cosplay is based off of the character design from Madoka Magica. This was… […]

Can you believe that Xie Lian came back today as Freya? Wow – what a transformation! Please support our project by downloading our completely free “Cosplay 50” app.

It’s our final day at Tsubasacon. Our first shoot of the day is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. The Cosplay is really spot-on. It was a great way to start the day! Please support our project by downloading our completely… […]

Immediately after encountering Wendigo at Tsubasacon, we got another legend to capture: Mothman! This completely original Cosplay interpretation was dark and spooky from head to toe, with a splash of red for the eyes. Please support our project by downloading… […]