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I have always found the many Cosplays of Padme Amidala from Star Wars fascinatingly beautiful. I was thrilled to find this stunning example at Phoenix Fan Fusion. Our next convention is ConnectiCon XIX 2022 in Hartford, CT, July 14-17.

Hope everyone had a great day! I was fortunate enough to photograph gorillas in Rwanda for the second time earlier this year. We stayed at the amazing Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge which is truly a magical experience on all fronts.… […]

The Mad Hatter is always a showstopper in my book! When I found Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts together at Phoenix Fan Fusion I felt like I was in a dream! So thrilled they came in! Our… […]

This really happened at Phoenix Fan Fusion! It was so my lucky day! Tim Burton Mad Hatter Coming Soon…. #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022 #connecticon #connecticon2022 #queenofhearts #queenofheartscosplay #timburtoncosplay #aliceinwonderland #aliceinwonderlandcosplay #madhatter #madhattercosplay #photostudio #photostudiosetup

I photographed this insanely high detailed Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. This was the first time I was at a convention that had a Steampunk Fashion Show! We were too packed in our studio to attend, but did get to… […]

It’s a miracle she came in… I honestly could not get the Golden Ticket out of my bag quick enough while I was blabbering nonsense as I spoke to this amazing Cosplayer! How insanely creative (and time consuming)! Our next… […]

I am speechless are you? Look closely at the details in this dress! #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #profoto #profotousa #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022 #connecticon #connecticon2022 #hudsonfineart160 #fotonostrum #fotonostrumgallery #beaniebaby #beaniebabycosplay #ty #tycosplay #missty #misstycosplay

I generally shy away from masked Cosplays as the most important thing to me in a portrait is the eyes of the subject. During the pandemic, however, masks were everywhere at the few conventions that I was able to photograph… […]

I can honestly say that in my wildest dreams did I never expected to find a Scarlett O’Hara Cosplay at ANY Comic Convention. I was so thrilled be able to photograph this unbelievable Cosplay. Thanks to the wonderful team of… […]

I love the insanity of conventions. On a busy Friday night in Phoenix I was going up the escalator as I saw this incredible Cosplay going down the opposite side! Luckily, I wear comfortable running shoes… I was off and… […]

I have seen a lot of Cosplayers in our twenty-two states that we have been to but I can honestly say that I had yet to see anything quite like this Cosplay. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this… […]

I photographed this Original Character Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con. The Honest Cosplayer is super talented and I have had the opportunity to photograph her on many occasions in such cosplays as Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ganondorf… […]

I noticed this amazing Cosplayer in the final hours of the convention in Phoenix working with another photographer. I knew she would probably be busy until the end of the convention and gave up hope of being able to shoot… […]

I LOVE obscure Cosplays that I haven’t seen before and am unaware that I should even be looking for them! It was hard to chose which image to post as this Fairy Godmother (from Shrek II) nailed every pose. I… […]

Phoenix was truly insane! Cosplay creators had three years since the last convention and wow did they achieve perfection. I followed this stunning Cosplayer before the convention on Instagram and hoped to catch up with her at the Con. My… […]

I have seen many Queen of Hearts Cosplays but never has one taken my breath away as much as this one. She may look the part of the Queen of Hearts but personality wise she is not comparable, in fact,… […]

We also photographed Lady Death from Coffin Comics, Wonder Woman, Lady Irene and DreamXD from Minecraft and Valkyrie as Reimagined by Zach Fischer. Always an exciting time loading on the freight elevator…truly the stuff nightmares are made of but worth… […]

The best Sunday we have ever had at convention! We photographed Daphne Bridgerton, Bombshell Raven and Starfire (DC Comics Version), Howl Pendragon and Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle, Bridgerton Snow White Mashup, and Christine Dye from Phantom Of the… […]

And still more!! We also photographed Steam Punk Ursula, The Plague Doctor, Queen Zelda Legend and Royal Guard Link, Tim Burton Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter, Ningguang Genshin Impact and Scarlett O’Hara. Photographed in earlier posts, Nightbourne from World… […]

What an incredible day we had! We photographed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey and Padme Amidala from Star Wars, Rainbow Brite Steampunk Version, Nala The Raven Queen and Lovan King of the Crows (Original Characters), Death, War and Pestilence Horseman of the… […]