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I photographed this Moxxie from Helluva Boss at ATL Comic Convention 2024. I had never seen Helluva Boss before but now I am quite intrigued. They work in hell and are hitman among the living. I recently went to Imaging… […]

“Oh my Glob”, I photographed this Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time at ATL Comic Convention 2024. I love all the vivid colors in this Cosplay and chose to use my strip lights to not only light our galaxy background… […]

And here is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog that I shot at ATL Comic Convention 2024! Spot on! And the first I have photographed this Disney Princess in 32 states! Go Georgia!! Can you believe this is… […]

I had the honor once again to photograph the amazing MaryMaryCosplay, this time at ATL Comic Convention 2024. This Snow White Cosplay was the most intricate and detailed Cosplay that I have ever seen (and seventeen pounds!!). Not only did… […]

ATL Comic Convention 2024 in Georgia did it again! Thirty-Two states in and my first Mr. Monopoly. This clever Cosplayer made the monopoly board a backpack – genius for comfort and portability. Did you know that Mr. Monopoly is also… […]

I photographed this other worldly Snow Storm from X-Men at ATL Comic Convention 2024. Talk about versatility in Cosplay: she also Cosplayed a very beautiful, very princessy Tiana (photo coming soon). And also talk about talented: she also was a… […]

Sunset Love, Botswana 2023 I was on safari in Botswana with my daughter Sophie who had never seen wild dogs before. As the sun fell we spotted them but it was too dark to take photos where they were so… […]

I photographed this Junko Enomisha Cosplay at ATL Comic Convention 2024. The amazing CSSSCP and I first met at the Indiana Comic Convention, where I photographed her as a stunning Winged Eda from Owl House. She nailed hosting the Cosplay… […]

I can’t say enough about this incredible Cosplay from ATL Comic Convention 2024. I don’t watch horror films (I am a chicken) but I know this Cosplay! Ring Girl competed in the youth section in the ATL Comic Convention Cosplay… […]

This adorable Blue Toad was part of a group of Toad friends from FanX in Salt Lake City. I have already posted Toadette and still have a couple more!

Thanks to everyone who came to the reception last week… friends and family, Gates Mills Community Club friends, and library staff! A huge thanks also goes out to the Friends of the Gates Mills Library who set up a beautiful… […]


OMG, you have to Google “Nyx Hades” to understand how perfect this Cosplay is from Indiana Comic Convention. The crown, the wings, the chest plate – all are spot-on. Combine that with the fact that I was able to complement… […]

How elaborate is this Princess Harley Quinn Cosplay from FanX in Salt Lake City??? I was taken aback by both the detail and the gorgeousness of this Cosplay. What a great combination and fantastic look!

This original viking is “Grar Ulfhednar from 6th Century Carvin” and I captured him at the Delaware Renaissance Faire. Viking_of_the_northeast learned how to do all of the leatherwork on his own. The craftsmanship is so incredible. I hope that my… […]

I love ingenious Cosplays. This wonderful Zaniba And Haku From Spirited Away is from FanX in Salt Lake City. Hako weighed about 10 lbs and was made from foam and a dryer vent hose!

Oh my gosh – it’s Rosella, or “Ro”! This wonderful Rosella from Barbie as the Island Princess Cosplay was a blast from the past at SiouxperCon in South Dakota. 2007 to be specific! I wonder if Poprockcos can talk to… […]

I photographed this beautiful Original Lady In Waiting from the Italian Renaissance at the Delaware Renaissance Faire. I was hoping to find creations such as this at Delafaire, which was our first Renaissance Fair, and was awestruck at the detail… […]

I photographed this absolutely amazing Gold Armor Wonder Woman Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. This is the second time I have had the opportunity to photograph the amazing Kim_is_Possible, the last time being at Louisville SuperCon as The Queen of… […]

Thanks again to the entire FotoNostrum team who put on such an amazing event and opening for the 19th Pollux Awards. I am always amazed at how large this gallery is and the fact that it is solely dedicated to… […]