I have photographed Queen Amidala in many different costumes, but when I saw the Queen Amidala Senate Gown Cosplay at Wizard World Portland I was near speechless.  Well that is not true I think I went up to her and… […]

“Untitled Morocco” “Untitled Morocco” will be exhibited in Barcelona at “The World Through my Eyes International Photography Exhibit”. The show runs April 10 – 28. This image was chosen as Finalist in the Cityscapes and Street Photography Category in the… […]

Day 3 was another super fun day at Wizard World Portland with a great variety of cosplays. We photographed the lovely Merida from Brave, Moana and Vanellope Von Scheetz from Wreck-It Ralph, all from Disney Films. From the gaming world… […]

I just got back yesterday from Wizard World Portland and we had an amazing time, maybe a little too amazing as I am recouping from as my daughter calls it “con crude”, just the general cold that is passed around… […]

Ethereal Moment “Ethereal Moment” will be exhibited in Barcelona at “The World Through my Eyes International Photography Exhibit”. The show runs April 10 – 28. This image was chosen as Finalist in the People and Daily Life Category in the… […]

I love finding cosplays I haven’t photographed before and yesterday was amazing. I photographed a Bombshell Batgirl, Terra from Kingdom Hearts and this adorable Jirachi Pokémon. Can’t wait to see who we find today. Saturday, Apr 14, 2018 – 10:00am… […]

I need your help – please read below (or see link in bio on Instagram) This is the lovely LynElíz Bergs on Facebook and lynelizbergs on Instagram photographed as Aku from Samuai Jack Cosplay at Colossalcon last year in Sandusky,… […]

I can’t wait to talk about my newest photography passion: Cosplay Photography. I have photographed intriguing people and adorable animals in some of the most awe-inspiring locations of the world, but the excitement I feel while shooting characters at comic… […]

I met Joshua Warren at Wizard World St. Louis in this fantastic Beetlejuice Cosplay.  Please check him out on Facebook as Joshua Warren.

I photographed this breathtaking Arkham City Catwoman at Wizard World St. Louis.  Please check out the stunning Termina Cosplay (pictured here) on Instagram and Facebook.

I met the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus at Wizard World Austin last year.  This is just one of the trio, there are many more photos to come.   I rarely take group photos but I had to make an… […]

I LOVE the effect one little Nikon speed light with a green gel had in the sea of Profoto B1 lights that I used to light up the amazing Laine Tournear (Instagram and Facebook) as Doctor Strange from Wizard World… […]

I met this lovely Belle at Wizard World St. Louis.  I purchased a new bookcase collapsible background from Denny Mfg. and was on the search for a Belle and a Doctor Strange to photograph with it.  I couldn’t believe my… […]

We had a great last day in St. Louis.   A great mix of classic cosplays and newer ones.  We photographed Flynn Rider from Tangled, the Incredible Mr. T (a cosplay I had never seen before), Tracer from Overwatch and who… […]

A little late posting this as we just finished up our last day here but….we were pretty busy so no time today to post!  Day 2 was fantastic we had beauties like Cinderella and Catwoman.   We also had some… […]

We had a great first day!  I love my Profoto B1’s and B1X’s to death but as I was running out of lights for something I wanted to do we added in a Nikon Speedlight with a green gel on… […]

We are all set up in St. Louis!  We are located in Room 161.  I am so excited to photograph some amazing cosplayers here.  This is the 8th state in the Cosplay 50 Project. America’s Center 701 Convention Plaza St… […]