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…social media was a happy place full of harmless and thoughtful commentaries from your friends and family with some pretty photos?  I do and I want it back!  I am so tired of all of the poisonous thoughts being posted. I spent… […]

The man of many faces..Just Some Nerd (facebook cosplay page) was also the amazing Jack Sparrow that I photographed at Wizard World Columbus this year. I love when people come in for photos over the course of multiple days at… […]

I know I use to watch this show as a kid!  Look familiar?  Sorceress of Castle GraySkull from He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.  Handmade with real peacock feathers, unbelievable!

I sometimes have a difficult time photographing cosplays with full face masks.  I am a portrait photographer that LOVES seeing the subject’s eyes.  That being said, it was pretty fun photographing this horror character with a smoke machine going.  I also thoroughly enjoyed… […]

For the majority of the time I spent at Wizard World Columbus this year I was swamped with a line out the door. Thankfully this lovely Emma Frost waited around patiently for her photo to be taken!

I am always looking for new techniques to make my cosplay images stand out. When I heard that the amazing Dave Black was having a light painting workshop that included studio-setting portrait light painting I simply had to attend. For… […]

I have added categorization to the blog posts on my website. Clicking on the word “Blog” at the top of the page displays all of my entries similar to the way it did before the update. Under “Blog” there are… […]

Mei from Overwatch. If you do not know the character please look her up, this is just amazing cosplay, WOW!

Had a great time photographing this lovely lady…so many great cosplays and wonderful photos! I can’t wait to share more of her soon!

I try to inform the 100+ characters that I photograph at each con that it can take up to several months to receive their image by e-mail. It takes that long because because I often spend a painstaking amount of… […]

If you are someone who has followed my work for a while you may have noticed a recent shift in my posts from global travel images to colorful studio portraits of cosplayers. I have spent the last decade traveling the… […]

Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. This beautiful lady only had time for three photographs. This was the first one that I shot, which also happens to be my favorite of her from Colossalcon.