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I try not to play favorites at conventions but there is just something about the Dark Knight Joker. I just love to photograph that character. I have to admit though it usually creeps me out a bit!

Lady Death one day, Starfire the next!  Sapphire Nova Cosplay looked like a living doll when she walked into the room at New Orleans Wizard World.  Check her and this beautiful costume out at Superheroes Unlimited.

I drove over one thousand miles through six states to get to New Orleans for Wizard World and it was worth every second of the journey. I photographed forty-two amazing cosplayers, including a few on my bucket list! Included in… […]

The Amazing Lady Death was photographed at Wizard World Pittsburgh. She is a model for Superheroes Unlimited, a company based out of New Jersey that make amazing handmade costumes and accessories.  They are here at Wizard World New Orleans and… […]

Survey Corp Soldier from Attack on Titan, Wizard World Columbus. One day away from opening at Wizard World New Orleans.

I am so fortunate to have met and photographed so many amazing cosplayers this year. The ever talented Kitty Hardy Cosplay has been everyone from an amazing Supergirl to Punk Zelda and now Storm. The countdown to Wizard World New… […]

This duo of Hades (posted yesterday) and Megara from the Disney Movie Hercules at Pittsburgh Wizard World are one of my favorite cosplay couples of all time!

Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, a book and television series. I photographed her at Wizard World Columbus this year.

Red is my far my favorite color to photograph. I love how it just pops off the screen. This is Ruby Rose from RWBY an anime web series, photographed at Colossalcon earlier this year.

This is Yoko Littner from the Japanese anime television series Gurren Lagann, photographed at Colossalcon this year.

I am very excited to be doing another out of state convention.  This one is quite a bit further than the state next door.  I will have a room at Wizard World New Orleans!  The hours are below.  I book appointments until an hour… […]