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There are some cosplays that I am fascinated by and this Penny Quinn Cosplay is definitely near the top of that list.  I love the creativity involved in this mashup of Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Penny Wise from the… […]

Thanks to everyone who came out on Tuesday evening in Kent to listen to the Come and Cosplay presentation.  There were many new faces that had wonderful questions, comments and suggestions.  I even had some suggest cosplays that I should… […]

I just got back from Wizard World Madison and photographed some amazing cosplayers.   This is a behind the scenes iphone photo taken by my wonderful assistant Jeanne Lorenz of a Cosplay Mashup Penny Quinn (Harley Quinn and Penny Wise… […]

We are located in the Mendota One room at Wizard World Madison and will be out on the convention floor looking for amazing cosplays to photograph all weekend.    This icy Mrs. Freeze was photographed Wizard World Nashville. Alliant Energy… […]

I am so thankful for the game Overwatch for providing an amazing game that my family loves to play and for the amazing cosplays!  This is a Widowmaker Cosplay photographed at Colossalcon this year.

In seven days I will be at Wizard World Madison, Wisconsin.  I hope to find some cosplays as creative as this Mad Hatter Cosplay by Aimee Monk (madmonkcostumes on Instagram).  We had so many amazing images it was hard to… […]

Who knew Wizard World Nashville was home to such an amazing variety of quality cosplayers? ! This stunning Jessica Rabbit Cosplay was one of many who truly blew me away. More coming soon!

We are located in Room 203B at Wizard World Nashville.  Throughout the weekend we will be out on the convention floor on the lookout for amazing cosplayers to photograph like this lovely Anastasia Cosplay from Colossalcon 2017.

Three More Days till Wizard World Nashville!!  I cannot wait to see who I find there! For more information on the convention see location and hours below or check them out at . The incredible Morgan Durfee (nightingale_vixen on Instagram)… […]

I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to photograph the amazing Stefan Luna (stefanluna92 on Instagram) at Colossalcon this year in an Aquaman Cosplay!  

I have photographed the lovely Christina Katsaras (c-katsaras on Instagram)  in three completely different and all absolutely amazing cosplays;  Disgust from Inside Out, a beautiful Arwen from Lord of The Rings and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The greatest thing about cosplay photography is the ever-changing variety of characters that I see. They come from books, movies, television, anime, and pop culture from yesterday and today.  I can barely remember seeing Who Framed Rodger Rabbit so many… […]

I am currently in Namibia and I am at the first hotel of the trip that I have been able to get on that wonderful thing we in the states take for granted – WIFI!  I should mention that I… […]

I love photographing the characters from Steven Universe and this Rose Quartz Cosplay is one of my favorites.  The model is the crazy talented Amanda Robinson from Pennsylvania.  Please check her out on Instagram as paindanc.

This past weekend I had a great time photographing two amazing Pennsylvanian cosplayers, Amanda Luppe, pictured here, and her friend. Please check her out on Instagram at Nerdoll.  I have to admit when I photographed this Effie Trinket Cosplay I… […]

I had a wonderful time photographing this eye catching Sailor Moon Cosplay at Colossalcon.  Please check out the many cosplays of JeanneMayCosplay on Instagram.  Looking forward to working with her again soon!