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I met this lovely Belle at Wizard World St. Louis.  I purchased a new bookcase collapsible background from Denny Mfg. and was on the search for a Belle and a Doctor Strange to photograph with it.  I couldn’t believe my… […]

We had a great last day in St. Louis.   A great mix of classic cosplays and newer ones.  We photographed Flynn Rider from Tangled, the Incredible Mr. T (a cosplay I had never seen before), Tracer from Overwatch and who… […]

A little late posting this as we just finished up our last day here but….we were pretty busy so no time today to post!  Day 2 was fantastic we had beauties like Cinderella and Catwoman.   We also had some… […]

We had a great first day!  I love my Profoto B1’s and B1X’s to death but as I was running out of lights for something I wanted to do we added in a Nikon Speedlight with a green gel on… […]

We are all set up in St. Louis!  We are located in Room 161.  I am so excited to photograph some amazing cosplayers here.  This is the 8th state in the Cosplay 50 Project. America’s Center 701 Convention Plaza St… […]

I must be really missing Game of Thrones!  Sara Roman here in a Sansa Stark Cosplay.  Check her out as roguemaverickcosplay on Instagram.

And so the Game of Thrones Cosplay photography begins!  This a behind the scenes of Sara Roman as Sansa Stark.  I have photographed her prior to this as Padme and Queen Amidala from Star Wars.  Please check her out on… […]

I was pretty disappointed to learn that the next season of Game of Thrones will not air until 2019.  Until then I am determined to find some amazing GOT cosplays around the United States.  I photographed this Septa Unella Cosplay… […]

Unfortunately I will not be attending Wizard World New Orleans this weekend due to family illness. I hope to get back there next year. Just a heads up I will be at Wizard World St.Louis, Missouri Feb. 2-4. This is… […]

I just watched the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy on the plane yesterday heading to Southeast Asia for the Holiday Break.  Both movies are in my Top Ten movies of all time partly for the amazing characters in… […]

Busy days here, with friends and family in and out for the Holidays.  I haven’t even had time to see the Justice League movie yet it has been so crazy.  I guess I will just have to live vicariously through… […]

I have never stopped in my tracks quite like I did when I saw nicole.mazon on Instagram at Wizard World Madison.  Her Arya Stark Cosplay was so authentic I thought I was looking at the Maisie Williams! We are in… […]

I met the amazing Hannaheva on Instagram at Wizard World Madison.  Her Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cosplay was absolutely stunning and she was  breathtakingly beautiful in it.  She has many amazing cosplays that… […]

Always a pleasure photographing one of the best Jokers I know….Not So Serious Cosplay on Facebook, check him out!  Such an amazing Dark Knight Joker Cosplay.

This is the insanely talented Morgan Durfee (nightingalevixen on Instagram) with her Pyramid Head Cosplay.  Her attention to detail in her cosplays and versatility is unmatched. Please check her out, her cosplays range from princess to horror (sometimes those combined!)… […]

Again, I love RED!  This La Muerta Cosplay was photographed at Colossalcon this year.  This was one that came off my cosplay photograph wish list!

I can’t emphasis enough how much I love photographing the color red!  This is the lovely LynEliz Bergs on Instagram in her original design of a Lydia from Beetlejuice Cosplay.

There are some cosplays that I am fascinated by and this Penny Quinn Cosplay is definitely near the top of that list.  I love the creativity involved in this mashup of Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Penny Wise from the… […]